Why rent a Shutter Speed Photo Booth?
Why not? A picture is worth a thousand words. Not only will guests of all ages be entertained, they will also leave with a unique party favor to cherish.

Do you provide props?
Yes, props are included with every package.

What if my venue requires commercial liability insurance?

We are licensed and insured to protect our company, clients and venue.

What type of camera is in the booth?
Our booths are equipped with professional DSLR cameras to capture high resolution images. (Trim those nose hairs, fellas!)

What is the quality/resolution of the photos?
The photos that pop out of the booth are printed at 300dpi, which is the same standard used by magazines and other professional print media. You and your guests will be amazed at the quality. Request actual samples by providing your mailing address or stop by our showroom or any of our many public events.

How many pictures do we get?
You will receive unlimited 2×6 inch photo strips during your contracted rental time.

What kind of graphics will be on the strips?
Send us a visual of your invitation or event graphics and we will create a customized design for your photos. You may also choose to create your own strip design and email to us for application.

Will ShutterSpeed accommodate an outdoor event?
Sure thing, we love an outdoor party! There are a few requirements. We do require a flat surface, access to a power outlet within 25 feet and we prefer some type of covering. We use 25 amps for our equipment.

I’ve seen some photo booths that can fit 8-10 people. Does yours?
We think part of the fun of having a photo booth at your event is getting friends to squeeeeze but if you need more room, the “Studio Booth” open air style booth is what you need. Our traditional booth is 3×6 or 5×5 and the “Studio Booth” layout can be from 6×6 to 12×12 depending on your available space.

What is a “Studio Booth”?
“Studio Booth” is a photo booth without boundaries. The studio set up provides more space for an interactive experience. Impress your guests by the entertainment and send them home with a customized keepsake. By creating a photo background & overlay for each event and incorporating themed props into our shoots, we create a unique and custom photo opportunity every time. Give us the theme of your event and we will customize a package that will entertain you and your guests.

Have friends or family in wheel chairs? So do we.
Our booths are designed additionally for people who are not able to get into a standard booth. Our commercial grade bench can be removed for wheel chair access.

How do we reserve the photo booth?
Call or email us with your date and location. We require a $500 booking deposit and a signed contract to reserve each photo booth. The deposit along with a signed contract will guarantee your date. The balance is due 14 days prior to the event.

How far in advance to I need to book my event?
People typically book 6 months to 2 years in advance. However some people will book with only a few days notice! We have multiple booths and specialize in last minute events.

What else makes your photo booth different from others?
The photos of course! Isn’t that the most important element? We strive to create stunningly bright, colorful photos of you and your friends making your most creative and sometimes…. regrettable faces! Check out our list of events and stop by for a test drive.

Have more questions?
      Email: jasmine@shutterspeedphotobooth.com
      Reservations: 206.395.4614